New Era is a major centre for Baha'i activities

The students confessed that they were going to villages for conduction of Bahai religious classes for children and youths and they were told by their teachers that their course will be completed only when they do these activities. The teacher warned them to be 'TACTFUL' while propagating the Bahai religion. On seeing the Bahai books it became clear for the Police that it was a conversion class. As the "Ruhi Book" that they were having, contained Baha'i religious material and chapters such as "Understanding the Baha'i Writings"

The Baha'is have betrayed the Scindia family, the people of Gwalior and the Nation as a whole.

Monday, 10 April 2017

An Iranian Board member during his speech to the staff of Rabbani School clearly said that the main aim of Rabbani is to support the moral education program of Baha’is and spread the teachings of Bahaullah in the school and nearby villages. At times we use to wonder whether we are residence of world biggest secular state or Iranian dominated Baha’i country. Least to say that the Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia must not have a remotest idea at the time of gifting such a huge land to Baha’is to open a boarding school that her gesture will be used to destroy the secular fabrics of India and to be against the religion followed by majority of Indians.

A real picture of Baha'i Boarding School

Baha’is opened school not for the purpose of education but for the purpose of deceptive conversion. Through there sweet talk they charged a huge fees from the students give them the teachings of Baha’i Faith and in return they take money from the governmental agencies in the name of Educational Aid. If one goes deep into their strategies one will find that they do propagate IMMORALITY in their educational Institutes. This is one of their hidden agenda. Be it New Era in Panchgani, Rabbani in Gwalior, Shantitahm in Thailand or Maxwell Baha’i School in Canada. The purpose is the same. Here is a true story by a student of Maxwell Baha’i School. In his own words:

Here's the official mission statement from their web page:

"Maxwell School is a dynamic learning community committed to scholarship, to the development of spiritual ideals, to achieving excellence in moral and ethical behavior, and to the enhancement of personal character through service to humanity. Maxwell admits students of all religious, ethnic, and national origins who share these values, and provides a learning environment that helps students to think seriously about the world and their own contributions to its growth."

But the Actual Mission is:

Maxwell's actual mission was, and probably still is, to convert all of it's impressionable students to a strict Baha'i religious mold and that excludes any individual thoughts, concerns, or personal feeling that might come in the way.


Maxwell Baha'i School - Welcome to the religious cult school from hell.

To start this off, I need to properly set the tone and explain a little about myself.

Here's what I am not:

Here's what I am:
1) A member of the Baha'i faith

1) A successful, married professional
2) A member of a competing religion or school.

2) A happy, well adjusted person
3) An internet Hoaxer

3) An attendee of Maxwell in it's opening year.
4) An anti-Baha'i or boarding school fanatic.

4) Someone who worries more parents are sending their children to this school.
The school is named after May and William Sutherland Maxwell, early Baha'is Apparently May & William's sense of humor is supposed to set the standard for life at Maxwell.
I attended Maxwell Baha'i school it's first year it was open for business. My parents had brought me to visit it when it was being prepared, and basically decided that I would go there. I wasn't given much choice, but it sounded kind of neat, plus it had a big lake out front so, what' the heck, right?

Here's what's being given as a typical student experience there. Here's what you actually get. A big room with four twin beds, unless you're special like me. What I got was my ass kicked repeatedly by student larger then I. I was one of the smallest students in my group, and if I didn't want to get picked on, I had to fight the big bullies. I didn't win many confrontations, but it made the difference between being picked on every day vs. once a month.

I asked my councilors for help, and immediately assumed the status of troublemaker. Some of my teachers would physically attacked me (shoved me into a wall, and threw me on the ground, hit me in the stomach, and other things) when we disagreed, others would assign me disciplinary time.

Disciplinary time as Maxwell is when you are put into a guarded study hall while all the other students have a social event in the cafeteria. Guess who went to about one social in his time at Maxwell?

But, the real evil of the Maxwell Baha'i School was much, much, much worse.

Here's the official mission statement from their web page:

"Maxwell School is a dynamic learning community committed to scholarship, to the development of spiritual ideals, to achieving excellence in moral and ethical behavior, and to the enhancement of personal character through service to humanity. Maxwell admits students of all religious, ethnic, and national origins who share these values, and provides a learning environment that helps students to think seriously about the world and their own contributions to its growth."
Maxwell's actual mission was, and probably still is, to convert all of it's impressionable students to a strict Baha'i religious mold and that excludes any individual thoughts, concerns, or personal feeling that might come in the way.
Basically, it's a religious boot camp. You've got dawn prayers, noon prayers, dinner prayers, evening prayers. You get prayer breakfasts, prayer lunches, prayer dinners. And in between that, you get video tapes of slick Hollywood productions of Iranian Baha'i being shot. Throw that in with homicidal teachers, immature councellors, and one indifferent fat headmasters and his bitch wife.. well, you get the picture.

Now at the time, I was a rebellious, curious, smart, musical, acne laden child. In other words, a teenager. In time, my dislike of being mentally, verbally, and physically beaten by the school administration made me wish that I would die, rather then go through another day of Maxwell life.

Perhaps just a maladjusted kid, right? There's a troublemaker in every school, maybe I was it, right?


Despite how bad things were for me, they were even worse for the girls. Maxwell is a Co-Educational school, serving both boys and girls in equally humble manner. They'd tell me stories about being screamed at repeatedly, for any imagined offence. Maybe teenage girls aren't as tough as teenage boys. In any case, about the time I was being sent to the headmaster's office daily, two girls ran away in the middle of the night.

So, I and two classmates went after them. To bring them back.

We walked in a big ten mile circle, looking and calling for them, then finally gave up and headed back.

When we returned, despite the fact that I explained numerous time that we HAD NOT run-way and the obvious fact that we had returned ourselves, we were accused of running away and being a bad influence of the rest of the kids. I was expelled from the school, and returned to my home.

I was an emotional wreck when I got home. I felt betrayed by my parents for putting me there, and blamed myself for being expelled. Several times I came close to suicide, actually cutting my wrists, but never deeply enough to be life threatening.

By this time, my parents had become my enemy, and I spent the next ten years getting as far away from them as I could.

I've never spoken about this before, but I hope that by putting this together on a public website, and submitting it to as many search engines as I can, that some resourceful parent will find it before they send their child through what I endured, and ultimately changed my life forever.

Should anyone reading this feel an urge to contact me, I can be reached at

After reading this story and the various stories doing the round of internet it is the Moral duty of the every parents whose wards are studying in any of the Baha'i schools across the globe to take out their children from these corrupt school. Remember their deceptive agenda is the same everywhere.

Baha'is visiting non-Baha'i families to enroll them as Baha'is

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Baha’is claim we are visiting non Baha’is home to make them a better human being by talking about spiritual matters. These spiritual matters are nothing but teaching Baha’i Faith to non-Baha’is by deception. See their true activities in their International News letter REFLECTION ON GROWTH Number 14, October 2006

“The importance of home visits in the current framework for growth reaches to the heart of what it means to build a Bahá’í community and a new civilization. Although raising up a new world order is concerned with governance and other social principles, it is fundamentally about building a global society based on justice and love. Is it sufficient to call people to a center for meetings and expect them to come, or do we need to visit one another and talk about spiritual matters and aspirations? Home visits have proven effective because they lend themselves to promoting a Bahá’í conversation—discussions on spiritual concerns that strengthen bonds of fellowship, love, and unity.

Visiting the friends is a long-established practice in the Faith, but during the previous Plan it took on added dimensions and became a more systematic process. In an account of the services of a believer in Memorials of the Faithful, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá wrote, “As he traveled along with his two sons…he paused on every hilltop, in every plain, village and hamlet to visit with the friends.”

Shoghi Effendi repeatedly referred to “visits” as an element of consolidation and the systematic development of a community:”


A Bahá’í family of Hindu background, who became Bahá’ís fairly recently, were studying Book 2 and wanted to carry out an act of service in support of the intensive program of growth in their cluster. They sat down and made a list of friends that they could go and visit to share some themes about the Faith. The names were of individuals they had invited to devotional meetings and who had shown some interest. Before undertaking the visits, the family came together and prayed for divine assistance. Out of the three families they visited, one family—the husband, wife, and son—were very attracted to the beauty of the teachings and had many questions. They discussed the themes of “The Covenant of God” and “God and His Manifestations.” Since the family they were visiting was also of Indian background, they took with them pictures of the Lotus Temple in India.

On the next visit, the Bahá’ís invited some other believers to join them in the home visit. The entire family, including the 14-year-old son, became Bahá’ís. The parents have joined a Book 1 course and the son is in a youth class. Now that the consolidation phase of the intensive program of growth has begun, the family studying Book 2 is making another home visit to this newly enrolled family and sharing additional spiritual themes with them.

The following accounts about two intensive programs of growth are examples of when home visits were used as part of the consolidation phase after a teaching campaign. In this approach the friends shared the deepening themes presented in Book 2 with new believers, who often were then inspired to join an institute course.


In the Tamil Nadu state of India, friends who had completed Book 2 were systematically deployed to carry out home visits and excellent results were achieved:

During the recent cycle of growth in the Sivakasi and Thiruvannamalai clusters, it was found that there still remained a good number of new believers who had to be enrolled for the institute courses and we felt the need to systematize the home visit campaigns. The following measures were therefore undertaken: (1) Compiling village-wise lists of the new believers who were yet to be enrolled for the institute courses; (2) Compiling a list of the graduates of Ruhi Institute Book 2 in the areas where the new believers were enrolled; and (3) Organizing a program to study the seven deepening themes once again with these graduates, followed by detailed planning on who would visit which new believers, the dates for the visit, and the sharing of each deepening theme.

In Ramalingapuram (Sivakasi), one believer who was conducting a study circle on Book 2 in a nearby village, took the participants along with him to visit four new believers and they shared with them the deepening theme on the Covenant and part of the second theme on the Life of Bahá’u’lláh. This resulted in all the four believers joining the institute course on Book 1. Similarly two other friends took three graduates of Book 2 to visit eight believers and shared with them the first deepening theme. All eight believers have expressed eagerness to study Book 1 and these friends will soon establish a study circle for them. In another part of Sivakasi, Alamarathupatti, three friends have shared the first deepening theme on the Covenant with 12 new believers, who became very happy and interested. While seven of them have been enrolled for the study of Book 1, five others have started attending devotional meetings.

A similar program for home visits was organized in the Thiruvannamalai cluster during the recent consolidation phase of its intensive program of growth. Following a refresher course on the first three deepening themes of Book 2, eight graduates of Book 2 devised a plan to visit the 60 new believers in Pandithapattu village, each of them planning to visit four to nine new believers with whom they would share the first three deepening themes during three visits. So far they have met 40 new believers and have shared with them the deepening themes. Twenty-five of these new believers are now ready to study Book 1 and their names have been given to the institute coordinator. Similarly, in Nallavanpalayam village, five graduates of Book 2 met 25 believers and have so far shared with them three deepening themes. Fifteen of these new believers are now ready to study Book 1.

New Era High School Panchgani - Centre of Learning or Triangle of Love

Friday, 11 March 2016

Panchgani has always been a centre of learning with many schools and academies around. But due to Baha'i Community, Panchgani has lost it's shine and is turning dull due to the many scandals unfolding.

Lucky Cafe & Bakery / Lucky Stores
There is one place which no one can miss in Panchgani i.e. Lucky Stores. The Mihrshahi family have been running the same since many years, but what the owner’s daughter-in-law has done is indeed a matter of great concern.

Mrs. Dilavara is the beautiful wife of Mr. Nemat Mihrshahi, son of Mr. Amin Mihrshahi, the owners of Lucky stores. She is a mother of three children still she eloped with a boy much less than her age.

Mr. Mihrshahi is the Treasurer of the Local 'Spiritual' Baha'i Assembely of Panchgani and also teaches at the New Era High School, a Baha'i School.

Mr. Nemat Amin Mihrshahi - Baha'i Teacher

Mihrshahis have been notorious for their secret ways of converting the simple minded local people of Panchgani especially the children and youth to Baha'i Faith. Some time back, Mr. Mihrshahi himself was caught by the local people, and was given a tight slap by a local leader who received complains about the conversion activities and warned not to lure the children of Hindus to the Baha'i Faith.

It must be noted that both Mr. Mihrshahi and his wife are teachers in New Era High School and the members of this Faith claims that we are making the children morally strong. Unfortunately, such incidents are occurring wherever the Baha'i community is located such as Panchgani.

Dilavara Mihrshahi - A Baha'i teacher who eloped with a young boy whom she was teaching the Baha'i religion.
It’s time that these so called educational institutes like New Era, Baha'i Academy and NEDI are shut down completely otherwise the harm they will bring to society is irreparable loss of morality. Moreover the Baha'is should concentrate on refining their own society and not bother much about children of other faiths. This incidence has tarnished the image of New Era School further.

Hon. Governor of Maharashtra asks to take appropriate actions against "Baha'i Conversions"

Saturday, 29 March 2014

An anonymous email received on 27st March 2014. Below are the contents, I am posting without any confirmation and responsibility. Individuals interested in finding facts may contact Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Dear Web Master:
Please Publish this piece of Information on your Web Site:
It is with great concern that I wish to bring to your notice a strange coincidence.

Sir, I am employed at the Shivaji University (Kolhapur) and had recently come across Governor of Maharashtras’ (who is also the Chancellor of all Universities of State of Maharashtra) advise to take caution against a religious group known to propagate in Campus’ across Maharashtra known as Bahais.

As a member of the staff of the University, I also attended a course in Bahai Academy and since then I had the apprehension that the Bahais have a Hidden Agenda to implement through their programmes of “Education in Universal Human Values”.
Azadi, the Director of Bahai Academy at Panchgani
The man in the black Jersey is Mr. Azadi, the Director of the Bahai Academy at Panchgani. He is an Iranian outcast from his own country and finds India and Indians as the soft target for promotion of Bahai Religion.

He is a full time worker for the Academy, lives in a posh Villa at Panchgani and has a number of movable and immovable properties in Panchgani and Pune. It looks like he gets the funding from some foreign countries. Mr. Azadi can be described in one sentence “He is Hypocrisy Personified.”


Please click on the documents to enlarge.

Omid Seioshanseian (Alias Omid Irani), the person who pulls the 'string of the cradle’ of New Era High School

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pudhari, Satara Edition, 14th December 2013

Notice to New Era High School, Panchgani.

Representative : Satara

The incident of a boy being beaten in New Era Convent English School is a true incident said Makrand Gondhali, the Secondary Education Officer of Zill Parishad while talking to Dainik Pudhari (Newspaper). Gondhali said that the Zill Parishad has sent a notice to the school and he also said that he will visit the School once again on Monday. After Dainik Pudhari gave voice to the ongoing wrong affairs in New Era School, Panchgani, the Education Department of Zilla Parishad visited the school and made inquiries. As a boy was beaten in the school, the discipline has gone down. Therefore the Zill Parishad sent a notice to New Era School that they must improve the discipline of the school.

The Mastermind, Omid Irani (A very cunning Baha'i Missionary)
The incident of a Std. VII boy being beaten in New Era School has brought forward a list of ‘wrong affairs’  in front of the public. As per the information provided by the Local New Era Employees, the person who pulls the string of the cradle’ of New Era School, came to India from Iran 6 years ago on a tourist visa and has settled in Panchgani and no one knows how he seized New Era School. Many people work in this school as employees; local people (sons of the soil) forth class employees and non teaching categories. The Irani who has comes as a tourist along with a person named Shalom exhibit dictatorship on these people. 

The employees have given a list of injustice done by the Irani concerned and by Shalom. According to the PTI, schedule – 1 – A, the New Era School Trustees are different. Then what are these people doing in the school?  If any serious incident takes place in this school, then whom will these people bring forward? Therefore this question has arisen. The education department of Zilla Parishad is shocked by this incident. The employees say that no one will come to know when this non Indian Irani who is ruling this school will collect his belongings and leave India. Nor will any one realise when this person named shalom will raise his hand to show that he has no connection.